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Project spotlight.

421 Chestnut Street Residences

Project Overview

Adaptive reuse of the 60,000 SF Bank Building (circa 1857) to luxury condominiums, by a developer, called for a low cost, energy efficient HVAC system with individual control. Energy and capital cost analysis resulted in design of a water source heat pump loop with a variety of vertical and horizontally configured heat pumps. Due to cost of bringing natural gas into the building the decision to employ an existing electric boiler was accepted in the context of overall construction cost savings.

Project Highlights

Key to this project痴 success was the ability to keep the historic fa軋de from undergoing any change. Staying true to the original design of the bank made installing new units more challenging.

Another interesting feature of this project was the addition of a glass-walled penthouse on the sixth floor which posed its own set of HVAC challeges due to all of the glass surface.

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